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If you don't already know what Minecraft is, we suggest you to check this out first.

After a while, everything in Minecraft may start to look the same. There are only so many different biomes to explore before you can truly say that you have seen it all, and in time it is even possible to craft everything available in the game. By then, many players will think about moving on. A sad but true reality.

Fortunately, you don't have to accept reality in this case. Minecraft is a game with a huge and dedicated community standing behind it, and they have created an enormous number of modifications which breathe new life into the game, adding almost infinite diversity.

Want to add small towns and characters to interact with in your generated worlds? You can do that. You can change the interface, add a minimap or even modify the way your inventory works. Some modifications are ostensibly different types of games altogether, but all of this can be contained within the expansive and loveable world of Minecraft.

Minecraft is super modifiable by nature, and the creation of user mods is highly encouraged by the entity behind the game, Mojang. The modding community has been going strong for a while now and there are many mods which have matured quite a lot, so you won't have the experience you may have had in the past with some other games where installing mods makes things feel a bit amateurish.

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Modding is an important part of the fabric of Minecraft, too. When you stop to think about it, Minecraft is a game centered on the concept of building and modifying a world to your liking, so it is really no surprise at all that its users have so strongly embraced these concepts. You shouldn't feel like you are cheating or breaking the game when you install mods, because you're supposed to be the one in control of your experience. It is all well within the spirit of Minecraft.

Games have been modded for decades, but there are a select few which really stand out as centers of their own cottage industries. The difference in every case like this is that the developers of the game actively encourage modding and make it easier for their users, and when that happens it really makes you feel like a part of the community. Mojang as a company has been very good to their fans, and they have been rewarded with one of the strongest modding communities in the history of gaming.

It is important to note that console versions of the game do not feature the ability to install third-party modifications. If you play Minecraft on a mobile device, the Xbox 360 or the Raspberry Pi (or all three of them) you will not be able to use the great selection of mods that are available for the PC version of the game.

With mods, Minecraft goes from an already deep and lasting game into one which seemingly never has to get old at all. An infinite number of diverse experiences are possible in this world, which is something some people might say about the unmodified game as well. Combine the two and you really are without limitation.

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